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05-18-2017 Peregrine falcon chicks are banded


Kalamazoo Gazette photograher was on hand to record the banding today

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05-18-2017 The big Day!


The Kalamazoo Peregrine falcon chicks got their leg bands today!  It was quite an exciting morning

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05-10-2017 What is that blob?


This year the camera lens has taken a big hit from a chick!

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05-01-2017 Just three chicks this year


We have a different situation this year compared to the last several years. One of the eggs was not viable and did not hatch. After almost a week after the other eggs hatched, the last egg looked degenerated. Rebecca dispensed with the dead egg yesterday and even the remaining shell fragments looked abnormal. The three chicks are thriving. They hatched within a day of each other so are very close in size so are equal competitors for food. And the food is plentiful thanks to Kewpee's hunting skills and frequent delivery service!

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04-25-2017 The first chick


Yesterday morning we spotted the first pip in an egg – a small hole that the chick created with its beak.  That egg hatched today

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04-18-2017 Defending the nest


Yesterday morning our resident peregrines were excited by the presence of a third peregrine falcon.

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04-10-2017 Parapet camera is down


The Parapet camera has a loose connection and is not transmitting live feed right now.

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03-26-2017 Four eggs!

Peregrine falcon eggs

Rebecca laid the fourth egg just before midnight on 3/25.

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