Peregrine Eggs

Kalamazoo falcons have an egg in their nesting box


Kalamazoo falcons have an egg in their nesting box.  The Peregrine falcons made it onto the local news. See the full story at the following link.

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A Busy Week


There are now 4 eggs in the nest box and the parents are actively incubating eggs. 

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Rebecca Lays First Eggs of Season and Kewpee is Challenged

Peregrine Falcon & Two Eggs

This past weekend was an exciting time for our Kalamazoo Peregrine Falcons. First, on Saturday night, Rebecca laid her first egg, then drama ensued. On Sunday morning, Rebecca quickly became agitated and very vocal as a second male falcon entered the scene. He came to challenge Kewpee for his territory, and they fought in the area for about 3 to 4 minutes before Kewpee won the battle and the intruder departed.

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