06-23-2016 Checker Scheduled to Return Home


We have some good news from the Braveheart Raptor Rehabilitation Center about Checker.  It does appear that his injuries as a result of his impact with the Radisson were soft tissue in nature rather than a fracture.  This is excellent news because it takes much longer for a bone to heal and to regain strength and there is always the risk that it would not heal properly.  After a week of cage rest, Checker was getting pretty restless and made it clear that he wanted to be out of his small cage.  He was transferred to a small outside cage and made some good small flights.  He was then transferred to a 40 foot flight cage and was able to demonstrate his ability to fly well.  He will be coming home for release on Friday (6/24) and we certainly hope that he is past his accident-prone stage (he did fall into the window well of the parapet twice prior to fledging and had to be rescued).       

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